postmarketOS on Orange Pi 3

What can I say after debugging the kernel and the bootloader for several days? Nothing other than Allwinner CPUs are shit with shitty mainline support.

But yet, it kinda works.


Yeah, excluding shitty onboard PCIe.

However, with that exact shitty board for PHY to work a specific power-on sequence is needed, which can be performed correctly only by the kernel.

So, in addidion to patches from Megi’s linux tree and from pmaports, to have Ethernet working, you have to disable regulator setup in arm-trusted-firmware, which requires building it separately specifically for that board.

Not that bad giving that a short time ago you would had to patch arm-trusted-firmware to make it not touch any regulators, but still sounds unfortunate, huh? That’s it, so next time don’t try to save money and buy a decent non-Allwinner SBC.

So it goes.